Link Roundup

Trying out a new idea where I do a little link roundup of all the cool stuff I’ve seen or read lately. Sort of envisioning this as a biweekly or maybe monthly idea.

Colonialism and its legacies
I’ve been thinking a lot about colonialism in the museum as I continue to work with the archaeological archives here at work.

This tweet caught my attention and now I desperately want to go see the Past is Now exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

There is also more information about the process and idea behind the exhibition in this article

On the same subject, an excellent thread on twitter discusses the inherent violence in colonialism and its intersection with archaeology. I haven’t watched the complete seminar, but it’s available here

Also this thought provoking article on human remains in museum collections and the necessity of doing the work to acknowledge the past wrongs and return them.

Museum Links

On why and how to change the culture of hierarchy in museums

Lots to check out in this twitter thread on what makes a good online museum collection.

Four studies on how to diversify museums, in particular I think the LACMA example is interesting for its spotlight on particular challenges of universal museums.

I’ve been seeing a lot more about ways to make our work relevant and useful. In particular I’m hoping to attend this conference, Archaeology and Social Justice, at Brown in march

And, I’m also looking forward to the new Scholars for Social Justice Project


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