I’m an archaeologist interested in urbanism, the use of space within cities, as well as the history of archaeology. My research has included analyses of urban plans of Bronze Age Syrian cities, social networks of ancient Syrian urbanism, and the history of 1930s excavations in Iraq and Iran. I have Ph.D. in Archaeology from Boston University.

Currently I’m employed at Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art as the Mellon Curatorial Research Fellow. I am researching and documenting the archaeological collections of the Department.

For the last 10 years I’ve been affiliated with the Tell Mozan/Urkesh Project (www.urkesh.org) working at the excavations in Tell Mozan, Syria, producing and editing digital publications, and working on the Urkesh Eco-Archaeological Park Project.

I am also currently working on the publication of materials from Tell Chuera, Syria in collaboration with the Tell Chuera excavation team.

You can find me on hcommons.org and all my publications are available for download here on the Publications tab.

or email me at cjc63 [at] bu.edu


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